Oil, gas & renewable energy projects

Industrial Power Plants: 
Solar, Hydro, Wind, Thermoelectric, Photovoltaic, Waste-to-Energy
Gas Combined Cycles, LNG Storage Projects
Oil Refineries

Project Phases: 
Engineering, Construction, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance

Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, Safety, Civil, Operation & Maintenance, Planning, Cost Control


21 countries, 4 continents, and counting…

Project Highlights

Biomass start-up success - Belgium

Managing the construction quality, electrical commissioning and turbine start-up of a new 19.9 MWe electricity generation and steam production plant, fueled by recycled and reusable wood from demolition sites.

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Africa's largest sugar mill investment - Tanzania

Supervising civil works and meeting deadlines for an expansion project with the biggest investment ever made by British Sugar in all of Africa.

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Greener energy goals - Germany

Ensuring the construction quality, electrical commissioning and turbine start-up of a combined heat and power plant that will eventually eliminate coal consumption.

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Waste-to-energy efficiency - Scotland

Managing the electrical construction, health & safety and chemical composition of fluids for a €400 million project that treats non-recyclable municipal solid waste cleanly, sustainably and comprehensively.

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Wind power expertise - North & South America

Supervising turbine construction, maintaining health & safety and fulfilling documentation requirements for 6 onshore and offshore wind farms.

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Pioneering thermosolar technology - Chile

Specialists in every discipline helped to successfully operate the world’s first thermosolar plant using molten salt technology.

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World's largest thermosolar complex - Morocco

Achieving fully automatic operation and commissioning rotational equipment for a complex that produces enough solar power for 400,000 homes and saves CO2 emissions of 470,000 metric tonnes each year.

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